Christmas Greetings For Children

The tradition of written Christmas greetings has continued even in times of the Internet. Children in particular are happy when relatives or friends send them appropriate Christmas greetings. Christmas greetings for children are often sent together with a suitable Christmas present. So the little ones see very quickly, who has considered them for the big celebration.

But children have their own language and their own feelings about Christmas. So they are receptive to what adults often don't like at Christmas, namely the simple, pictorial and sometimes very romantic language.

On this page you will find a whole series of Christmas greetings in different variations. But our Christmas greetings for children all have one thing in common: they are designed in such a way that they are as understandable as possible for the little ones. Nevertheless, they differ a little, since older children understand more about Christmas than children of kindergarten age.

A rummage is worthwhile itself here at least for parents, grandparents and all, which want to convey to children to Christmas greetings - whether with gift or simply just as a nice Christmas greeting to the Christmas.

Listen, about seven last night,
Mother was with the merchant over there.
It's bumping and rumbling up the stairs,
knock on the door and rip it open!
Knecht Ruprecht did it, he stepped inside
and think, I was all alone.
He was about to growl a few Christmas carols,
I slipped down quickly from my chair
and sang the song of the "Silent Night",
he's turned a blind eye!
He gave me nuts and gingerbread
and grumbled: "I'll visit you again.
Farewell, greet father and mother."
I said cheerfully, "Goodbye."

Author: unknown

It'll be Christmas soon. I'm looking forward to it,
Mother's cleaning up a little tree for us.
The apples shine, the stars sparkle,
How we all love Christmas.

Merry Christmas wishes you...

Author: unknown

Santa Claus, oh Santa Claus
how I like you.
Comes with gifts every year,
and always be on time.
You make all children happy,
that's why we like you so much.

Author: unknown

I'm much too young,
I can't think of a way to say it.
Happy consecrations to you all!

Author: unknown

Merry Christmas to the greatest grandchild in the world. Grandma and Grandpa love you very much!

Author: unknown

In winter, when it storms and snows
And Christmas is not far away.
Comes a long way from dark fir
Dear, good Santa Claus.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and great presents!

Author: unknown

We wish you all the best for Christmas -
and we're not ashamed to say it out loud -
good food and wine to drink.
But above all:
Time to enjoy these things!

Author: unknown

The baby Jesus is coming soon.
We'll get fir trees from the forest,
For a wreath so round and fine,
Four red candles are lit on it.

We'll light the first one today,
Sunday's the second,
By the third one,
your whole face is already shining,
Because it all smells like Christmas.

And when the fourth one's turned on,
Then the bells ring for Christmas Eve.

Grandma and Grandpa wish you a Merry Christmas!

Author: unknown

When do you think it's Christmas time?
If it snows hard outside,
when we crack nuts,
when we bake cookies,
when we sing with our mother,
when all the bells are ringing,
when the world rejoices,
Then it's Christmas time!

Happy Christmas to you...

Author: unknown

When the honey candle burns
And you smell Advent,
Then open the first gate,
Get the star out of straw.
Cut out butter cookies,
Look forward to Santa Claus,
Find your grey stuffed animal,
Wrap it in glossy paper.
And if you find waiting hard,
Staun' into the sea of Christmas lights.
Wishing you an exciting Christmas season...

Author: unknown


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