Christmas Poems

Christmas time is a time of contemplation and cosiness, when family and friends come together to spend harmonious hours together.
In this time of the year we think a lot about our loved ones. We want to convey our affection and heartfelt wishes to them. Christmas poems have a long tradition in this context and are simply part of Christmas.

If you want to send appealing Christmas greetings to your relatives, friends or acquaintances, you can certainly give a lot of joy with a Christmas card with a matching Christmas poem.

. It is also a nice tradition for parents or grandparents to pass on Christmas poems to their children and grandchildren. A contemplative Christmas eve with the family becomes even more beautiful when the children or grandchildren proudly recite Christmas poems and make the eyes and hearts of the grown-ups shine. The joint recitation of Christmas poems also creates connectedness and a feeling of well-being.

Choose the poem that suits your needs from a variety of Christmas poems below. And if our collection is not enough for you, we would like to recommend the christmas poems, where you can discover over 300 poems by well-known and less well-known poets and lyricists of our time. We wish you much joy and a blessed Christmas time!

Saint Nicholas

"Come on, Mother, bring in the light!
The sun is down;
The dark night finally breaks in -
O keep your word now!
Tell me about Saint Nicholas in one piece,
And then hand out presents;
He brings such beautiful gifts
The girls and the boy!"

The mother brings forthwith the light,
Willing to please,
And sets with smiling face
To be in the center of the children.
The lamp shines clearly
The fair little muntre flock;
The mother, good and wise,
Look around happily.

"Once upon a time," she starts now,
"A rich lord of nobility;
Mr. Woldemar, a good man,
Despite his enemies' rebukes.
Even all three of his daughters,
You were pious, clever about it,
Of a childlike mind
And meek as a rosebloom.

The enemy's robbing them of their possessions,
And puts her castle in flames;
Scare away Fierce Warrior Fury,
They all escaped together.
The daughters and the father draw'n
To a faraway place,
And live there with shame
In a bad chamber.

Father gets sick of misery;
He only has straw for bed,
No doctor found himself drinking a potion
prescribed for him.
The poor sick man, dear God,
He barely had the dry bread!
The fragile lady thinks
Almost to be passed with weeping.

Only the sick father speaks,
And fold your hands piously:
"You good children, don't weep,
I'm coming to an end!
? I old man's about to sink down
To your mother's grave -
And share after these sufferings
With her of heaven's joys.

But how will you orphans fare
In your tender youth?
There's no one to stand by you -
To protect your virtue!
Ah, like a false serpent
Threaten the seduction!
Oh, God! Want this poor man
Have fatherly mercy on you!"

It was already midnight,
You knock on the store;
A young lady has barely opened the door -
"God be with us in mercy!" -
So something flies, like a stone,
It's hard to open the store -
But on the ground rolled
A heavy bag of gold!

The Father cries: "Good God,
You've heard my plea,
And in the greatest distress
Give us rich help!"
The daughters sink to their knees,
And crying with joy, they thank;
In their wet looks
Shines with joy and delight.

The lady now, busy happy,
Taking care of your father;
In a soft bed instead of straw
Behold him already the morning.
One calls the doctor,
The other one gets the medicine,
The third one is on the herd,
That he will soon be refreshed.

Loyal care gives the old man
New powers soon;
Beautifully arranged the Miss Diligence
Domestic business;
The bravest nobleman in the country
Soon applied for Emma's hand;
The sufferings are followed by
The joy of the wedding feast!

But sigh Woldemar to God
The very next morning:
"Ah, before I die.
Take care of my second child!
O God! Send help again,
Otherwise I can't remember any help -
I gave so much,
And hardly even to live anymore!"

The two girls soon after
Late at night we're out of our minds;
Then one calls: "Open the shop,
You little kids in there!"
The store was barely open,
Thus an unknown man throws
Money in the room again -
They'll never see him.

The misses respect this happiness
As a gift from above;
They thank with a delighted look
The good Dealer upstairs.
Mighty Bertha soon became
The bride of knight Theobald;
The father follows the couple
Full of joy to the altar.

The old man begs:
"Oh, God, another request
Do as you've done for two,
Also for daughters third!
Take this worry stone off me,
Then do not frighten me death and grave;
O then I will gladly
Part with my fathers!"

Once he woke up in the moonlight,
Immersed in pious supplication;
A man with a lovely face
Can be seen at the window -
He throws the window open
Third time money in,
And quickly he was gone
And nowhere found.

The father takes the money with pleasure,
For a worthy husband
The youngest girl, Adelheid,
Now also still to equip.
The early marriages of every couple
Also appears at the altar,
And then at the wedding feast,
In the candlelit hall.

"But who was that strange man
"who founded our happiness?"
Now the old father begins,
"Who is it that finds him -
A philanthropist of nobility,
Who does so in secret good?
Ah, our hearts are burning
Forgotten to know him!"

The father comes in the tenth year
To the capital in the country;
He sees the bishop at the altar
In sacred robes;
And immediately knows the face,
That he once saw in the moonlight,
On such noble traits
With heavenly pleasure.

Woldemar immediately appoints,
To kindle love and thanks,
The daughters, sons, grandchildren flock
By messengers quickly together;
And to the pious bishop
He all deeply moved.
They fall at his feet
And a thousand tears flow.

The pious noble bishop speaks
With a quiet gesture:
"I that only my Christian duty -
Rise from the earth!
Why do you praise me little man?
Only God in heaven worships;
He, he only can save us
Out of all our troubles!

Innocence is in danger
In this world of flaws;
May a true Christian always be
A good angel for her
God gave us goods for the earth
To alleviate his children's misery;
Who else uses it -
Watch as it ends!"

The bishop was Saint Nicholas,
In his memory
We parents of every child in the house
I'll give you a present today.
And because he secretly and at night
The mild gifts always brought,
That's just how they're gonna
Given in such a way.

May you, children, be like that young lady,
Always cherish the parents,
So the good Lord will also give you
Much for good;
Yes, always be good, like Santa Claus,
Merciful, mild, full of nobility -
So after this life.
Give you God to heaven.

Author: Christoph von Schmid

Three o'clock! It's time.
There's still an hour left,
to find them, all the great
Gifts they want,
all the relatives, friends, loved ones,
which I'm sure was around seven
from the fondue table.
Because now they want to experience,
like the big ones and the small ones
Children cry with joy,
when they're holding this in their hands,
what the great ones (for them: the old ones)
in wrapping paper.
And once the tears are shed,
there's still time for the Christmas story,
for songs, nativity play, poems
and for family happiness in the stable.
It sparkles, glitters everywhere
and even the youngest are allowed today
be awake at night like the grown-ups.
Only the Christmas punch in the glass
is only fun for the grown-ups.
And then the evening ends,
everybody shake hands,
are still thinking of Jesus Christ,
until next week is New Year's Eve.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (

It gently opens doors for doors,
you might think it's going like clockwork.

The Advent calendar, it leads to the destination,
for impatient children it reveals itself as an outlet.

With every day, the great celebration comes one step closer,
even as a child I looked forward to Christmas so much.

When the last door opens, it's time,
the children gather with their hooves, they are ready.

24 times each morning they counted the days,
the parents have chosen the best gifts for them.

The snow falls quietly onto the fir tree in the garden,
while the presents are waiting under the Christmas tree in the house.

What would Christmas be without an Advent calendar?
like Christmas stollen and charity, it belongs to December.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (

Oh, you contemplative Christmas time,
you have so many pleasures ready for me.

Friends come and bring unusual presents,
and are happy about the gifts they've given themselves.

The family comes together under the Christmas tree,
for the little ones, the presents are a childhood dream come true.

The air smells of biscuits, cinnamon and aniseed,
and mulled wine tastes best when it's cold outside.

For Christmas I wish for peace and contemplation,
with friends and family in close communion.

All kinds of delicacies land on the table,
it is a joy to prepare them for the family.

Whether Christmas goose or sausage and potato salad,
Christmas time has something for every taste.

And when the days go by,
the view remains on the calendar.

The time will come again in 360 days,
I'm looking forward to the contemplative Christmas time.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (

What would Christmas be without you?
You tree of love and security?
Only with you will the Christmas season
so peaceful and contemplative.
You spread your branches far,
Give warmth and security.
Glittering stars and shining lights,
radiant children's eyes and smiling faces,
you give us as you do every year,
enchants us beautifully.
Your scent is so familiar and sweet,
so quiet and peaceful.
When Christmas songs resound softly
and children singing with joy
You weigh yourself softly, you can hardly see it,
oh you beloved Christmas tree.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (

And again Christmas candles are shining
and again the flame is blazing,
and joy draws into our hearts
on this holy Christmas.

And cheerful Christmas carols
in our lands far and wide.
Oh what a cheer, what a singing!
Oh, wonderful Christmas time!

Author: unknown

Market and streets are deserted
silently illuminates every house
pondering I walk through the alleys
everything looks so festive.

At the windows, women
colorful toy piously decorated
A thousand little children stand and watch
are so miraculously quiet.

And I walk out of the walls
all the way into the open air
fair looking, fair looking
how so far and quiet the world!

stars loop their circles high
from the snow's loneliness
it rises like wonderful singing
Oh, merciful time!

Author: Joseph von Eichendorff

Dear, good Santa,
put on the long boots,
I'll comb your white beard,
go on the Christmas drive.

Why don't you come to our house?
unwrapping the presents.
Oh, you wanted the baby talk first?
Yes, I can. Listen:

Dear, good Santa,
don't look at me like that.
Put your rod in your pocket,
always wants to be good!

Author: unknown

Santa Claus, you good man,
you're wearing a nice coat.
The buttons are so polished,
your white beard is trimmed too.
The boots are so shiny,
the pointed cap fine and long.
The eyebrows are so thick,
your face is so sweet and good.

You came all the way from far away
and your hands like to give.
You know how all children are:
I think I was a good kid.
Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
and you wouldn't come to me.

I'm sure you'll have to work hard,
to carry the heavy bag.
Therefore, Saint Nicholas,
Why don't you just unwrap it?

Author: unknown

O Holy Eve,
sown with stars,
how sweet and refreshing
your breath blows over me!
From the hustle and bustle of kids,
from the flurry of lights
I look up at the sky
in silent prayer.

It sparkles with stars
at the celestial hem,
it's cheering from afar,
infinite space.
Singing it with sound
the angels all,
I'm listening to the hall,
it sounds like a dream to me.

Oh, Earth, you little one,
you dawning star,
is not like you.
of the worlds from afar!
So shamefully lost,
so blessedly chosen,
on you is born
the clarity of the Lord!

Author: Karl von Gerok

Here comes the dear Christmas time,
and quiet joy spreads
with all people big and small;
Soon it will be Christmas again.
Advent wreath, candles, colorful ribbons,
and then another Advent calendar
the long days shorten us
and answer the question:
"How much longer? When
Is Santa finally coming?"
Then the mother shouts: "Come, we want
now baking cookies and stollen!"
We're about to taste the dough.
And later decorate the pastry.
We'll be going with Dad soon.
Into the snow-covered winter forest
And get a Christmas tree.
It's so beautiful, it's hard to believe.
We decorate it with red candles,
with colorful balls and with hearts,
and silver stars on the tips.
There must be an angel at the top.
We hear Christmas bells ringing
And start singing softly.
And under the Christmas tree
Gifts we have children.
They shine there in colorful splendour -
Santa Claus brought them.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (

Though the year is rich in festivals,
But no feast is like a feast,
What we children year in year out
Always await in sweet lust and pain.

O beautiful, wonderful Christmas time,
What do you bring lust and happiness!
If the Holy Christian is in every house
Give out his sweet gifts.

And is the house as small as it is?
This is how the holy Christian comes in,
And all are dear to him as his own,
The rich and the poor, the big and the small.

The Holy Christian thinks of everyone,
Each one is presented by him.
So let us rejoice and be grateful!
He thinks ours, mine and yours.

Author: August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben

Trees glowing, trees glaring,
Giving sweetness everywhere.
Moving in the glow,
Old and young hearts arousing -
Such a celebration is given to us.
Some gifts adore jewelry;
We look up and down in amazement,
Back and forth and again.

But, Prince, when you meet it
And an evening like this blesses you,
That as lights, that as flames
From you all together shone
Anything you said,
All those who commit themselves to you:
With elevated mindsets
You felt delightful.

Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Loving pulls through candlelight,
mild, like the scent of the woods, the Christmas season,
and a simple happiness strews on the threshold
beautiful flowers of the past.

Hand nestles against hand in a narrow circle,
and the old song of God and Christ
tremble through souls and proclaim quietly,
that the smallest world is the largest.

Author: Joachim Ringelnatz

The wind is blowing in the winter forest
the herd of flakes like a shepherd
and some fir trees suspect how soon
she becomes pious and holy of light.
And listen out: the white paths
she stretches out the branches - ready
and defends against the wind and grows
one night of glory.

Author: Rainer Maria Rilke

From the sky to the deepest gorges
a mild star laughs down;
from Tannenwalde scents rise
and the night will be as bright as a candle.

My heart is so glad,
it's the lovely Christmas season!
I hear distant church bells,
in fairy-tale silent glory.

A pious spell holds me down,
adoring, I have to stand amazed,
it sinks on my eyelids,
I feel it, a miracle has happened.

Author: Theodor Storm

Christ Child came to the winter forest,
the snow was white, the snow was cold.
But when the holy child appeared,
it began to bloom in the winter forest.

Christkindlein stepped up to the apple tree,
awakes him from the winter dream.
"Give apples sweet, give apples tender,
"Give me apples of all kinds!"

The apple tree, it's shaking,
the apple tree, it shakes.
It's raining apples all around;
Christkindlein's bags got heavy.

The sweet fruits all took it,
and that's how it came to people.
Well, fair little mouth, come, eat,
what Christkindlein has given you!

Author: Ernst von Wildenbruch

O beautiful, wonderful Christmas time!
What do you bring lust and happiness!
If the Holy Christian is in every house
gives out his sweet gifts.

And is the house as small as it is?
so the holy Christian comes in,
and all are dear to him as his own,
rich and poor, big and small.

The Holy Christian thinks of everyone,
each one is gifted by him.
So let us rejoice and be grateful!
He thinks ours, mine and yours!

Author: August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben


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