Three o'clock! It's …

Three o'clock! It's time.
There's still an hour left,
to find them, all the great
Gifts they want,
all the relatives, friends, loved ones,
which I'm sure was around seven
from the fondue table.
Because now they want to experience,
like the big ones and the small ones
Children cry with joy,
when they're holding this in their hands,
what the great ones (for them: the old ones)
in wrapping paper.
And once the tears are shed,
there's still time for the Christmas story,
for songs, nativity play, poems
and for family happiness in the stable.
It sparkles, glitters everywhere
and even the youngest are allowed today
be awake at night like the grown-ups.
Only the Christmas punch in the glass
is only fun for the grown-ups.
And then the evening ends,
everybody shake hands,
are still thinking of Jesus Christ,
until next week is New Year's Eve.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (