Oh, you contemplative …

Oh, you contemplative Christmas time,
you have so many pleasures ready for me.

Friends come and bring unusual presents,
and are happy about the gifts they've given themselves.

The family comes together under the Christmas tree,
for the little ones, the presents are a childhood dream come true.

The air smells of biscuits, cinnamon and aniseed,
and mulled wine tastes best when it's cold outside.

For Christmas I wish for peace and contemplation,
with friends and family in close communion.

All kinds of delicacies land on the table,
it is a joy to prepare them for the family.

Whether Christmas goose or sausage and potato salad,
Christmas time has something for every taste.

And when the days go by,
the view remains on the calendar.

The time will come again in 360 days,
I'm looking forward to the contemplative Christmas time.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (weihnachtsgruesse.online)