Here comes the dear …

Here comes the dear Christmas time,
and quiet joy spreads
with all people big and small;
Soon it will be Christmas again.
Advent wreath, candles, colorful ribbons,
and then another Advent calendar
the long days shorten us
and answer the question:
"How much longer? When
Is Santa finally coming?"
Then the mother shouts: "Come, we want
now baking cookies and stollen!"
We're about to taste the dough.
And later decorate the pastry.
We'll be going with Dad soon.
Into the snow-covered winter forest
And get a Christmas tree.
It's so beautiful, it's hard to believe.
We decorate it with red candles,
with colorful balls and with hearts,
and silver stars on the tips.
There must be an angel at the top.
We hear Christmas bells ringing
And start singing softly.
And under the Christmas tree
Gifts we have children.
They shine there in colorful splendour -
Santa Claus brought them.

Author: Paul Piepenbrick (