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On christmas-greetings.net visitors can put Christmas sayings directly online without previous examination by the operators of the Internet platform. All you need to do is fill in our form.

There is no permanent right to publication of the registered claims. We reserve the right to delete speeches at any time without giving reasons. This applies in particular to possible infringements by third parties.

The posting of slogans is only permitted if they are free of third party rights. A ruling may therefore not simply be copied or copied anywhere and submitted here. It should always come from the sender's pen. Otherwise, the standard protection period of the corresponding works must be exceeded. This expires 70 years after the death of the author, whereby the public domain begins on January 1 of the year following the 70th year of the author's death.

The copyright for any material created by the author is reserved. Each author is responsible for the saying created by him or herself. The operators of christmas-greetings.net are not obliged to check the legality of any statements sent to them. Illegal contents are those which offend against morality or general ethical sentiment or infringe intellectual, industrial and other property rights of third parties, in particular copyrights and trademark rights as well as general personal rights.

The sender of a saying releases the operators of christmas-greetings.net from all claims of third parties because of possible injuries of their rights by the saying. For possible damages, which can occur to the operators of christmas-greetings.net by an offence, the respective sender is liable.

By entering slogans the operators of christmas-greetings.net receive the simple, spatially and temporally unlimited right of use to use the slogans in any media, print media such as digital media, including the Internet. The operators of christmas-greetings.net are not permitted to transfer the right of use to third parties.

Since the sayings on our site were entered by our visitors, we cannot assume any liability for this. It can happen that these violate rights. If you should discover a saying, which was registered illegally on our side, you send please an E-Mail to the E-Mail address deposited in the imprint. We will then check your request as soon as possible and remove any objections from our site immediately if necessary.