Happy New Year Greetings

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Welcome to 20XX! Cheers New Year!
All these and similar short New Year's greetings will go around the world from 1 January at 0 o'clock on the dot - both privately and on business. Year after year we experience this procedure in the New Year night or the first day of the new year.
Of course, it would be best to write individual New Year's greetings and New Year's wishes for each one. But who takes the time?

That's exactly why there is this page, with which you save yourself the time-consuming creation of such a greeting. With us you will find New Year's greetings in every length - whether short and concise for a greeting card or long and formal for a detailed New Year's letter. New Year poems and quotes from famous people can also be found here. Just take some time and browse through our New Year's greetings. Then you are sure to find the right text quickly. Have fun with our offer!

With fireworks and lots of banging a great New Year's Eve for all of you!
Slide in well!

Author: unknown

Old year's off tomorrow for midnight. Happy New Year. The New Year should bring you happiness, for health, heart and other things!

Author: unknown

Pink pigs, chimney sweep, green clover,
everyone knows it.
Midnight, Cheers New Year!
And the New Year is back again.
In this sense: I wish you a happy new year!

Author: unknown

For the New Year I wish you as much happiness as drops of water in the sea, as much love as stars in the sky and health on every new day!

Author: unknown

The bell of the church tower
beats twelve times bam.
The old year is over again.

People can see each other in the alleys.
I can't believe it anymore.
They sing and jump around like fleas
and throw the hats up in the air.

The chimney sweeper Schwerzlich
kisses confectioner Krause very warmly.
The old gendarme is even humming today
a friendly one: Cheers to the New Year.

Author: Joachim Ringelnatz

Wishes for the New Year

A little more peace and less fighting.
A little more kindness and less envy.
A little more love and less hate.
A little more truth that would be something.

Instead of so much restlessness, a little more rest.
Instead of always just me a little more you.
Instead of fear and inhibition, a little more courage.
And power to act, that would be good.

In gloom and darkness a little more light.
No tormenting desire, a little renunciation.
And a lot more flowers as long as we can.
Not on graves, they bloom too late.

Aim be the peace of the heart, I do not know better.

Author: Peter Rosegger

It wobbles late at night and in the wind,
a piglet that laughs and sings.
There is only one wish, that is clear:
All the best in the new year!

Author: unknown

00:00 o'clock - the new year begins.
Missiles take off at full speed.
Bright colours, star sparkles
all glow brightly in the dark.
It becomes radiantly clear to us.
We wish you a good year!

Author: unknown

I know this news comes back every year. But I mean it again and again: Happy New Year!

Author: unknown

There's a soft knock at your door
a fat pink proboscidean.
Go on, let them in,
then you'll have a lot of luck in the New Year!

Author: unknown

To everyone who sent me the best wishes for the New Year last year - it didn't work. This time, please send me money, fuel or gas coupons. Thank you!

Author: unknown

May your new year start calmly, accelerate slowly, go deep into the curve, perform a rapid overtaking manoeuvre and finally drive leisurely into the pits!

Author: unknown

New Happy and ... no, wait! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Uuuh! Now, however: A slide into good. Shit, I give up. You know what I mean...

Author: unknown

Greet the New Year with confidence and without prejudice, then you have already won it half to friends.

Author: Novalis

A pink lucky pig came running at midnight with a burning sparkler in his hand. It grunted and squealed loudly "Hooray, wish you a happy new year!"

Author: unknown

It depends on yourself whether you want to use the New Year as a brake or as a motor.

Author: Henry Ford

I couldn't kiss you at midnight. But I know I should have. I'm sorry I wasn't with you, I'll make it up to you in the new year!

Author: unknown

A new year is just around the corner,
so I thought I'd wish you
a wonderful new time
full of happiness, love and satisfaction!

Author: unknown


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